In order to enter for this prize, Publishers should obtain the entry form from The Lumina website, fill it in triplicate. Submit  two  copies of the form with  ten  copies of the books and include  their  email address and phone numbers.

Please note that the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa is no longer omnibus. Works in different genres will now be considered as follows. 

Drama will be considered in 2014.

Poetry  will be considered in 2016.

Prose will be considered in 2018.

Essays on Politics, Freedom, Human Rights  and human conditions, leadership etc. will be considered in 2020.

Works to be considered in the prose category must be either  published full length novels  or published collections of Short Stories by the same author.

Works to be considered in the poetry category must be  published collections of poems  by the same author.

Works to be considered in the drama category must be a published play or collections of plays by  the same author.

Works to be considered in the essay category must be a published collection of essays on varied issues, especially those  relating to freedom, human rights, politics, development etc. by the same author.

The books should be excellently written by an African and well packaged to  qualify for this award.
The books to be submitted must have been published within three years preceding the year of the prize being sought for but not during the year of the prize being sought for.
Ten copies of each eligible book should be submitted by the Publisher. Books can only be submitted by Publishers.

Only published works are eligible and can only be submitted in its published form.
For a book to be eligible, it must be written either in English or French.
The publisher must not submit more than five titles. This could be from either the same author or different authors.

The Publisher may submit either paperback or hard cover along with author’s photo, email address and resume.

Only African authors living in any part of the world are eligible for this prize. By African authors, we mean authors from African countries. We are adopting for the purpose of this prize, the geographical description of African countries and their boundaries. In other words, only citizens of African countries are considered eligible for this prize.
Books published anywhere in the world may qualify for this award provided that they are written by Africans.

Books that have won other awards are eligible for this prize.
Books that have been long-listed or short-listed for other awards may be submitted for this prize.

The Foundation begins to receive entries for the 2014 edition of Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa on August 1, 2013. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2013. All entries must be received at The Lumina Secretariat, before November 30, 2013.
The short-listed books will be reproduced by The Lumina Foundation to make them more affordable and available.

Entries must be accompanied with completed entry form, the author’s photo (Portrait), author’s profile, email address and the Publisher’s resume.

All entries should be sent to The Lumina Foundation, Blue House. No 19 Unilag Road, Akoka, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. www.luminafoundationsoyinkaprize.com

Books by Lumina Soyinka Laureates (our previous winners) are available at The Lumina bookshop: 19 Unilag Road, Akoka, Yaba  and can be obtained from all good booksellers.

All general enquiries should be addressed to:
The Lumina Foundation Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa P.O. Box: 3165, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. 01-7391678, 08071829493, 07025983384, 08033218121, 07084050339, 07025983386, 08135078185. Email: theluminafoundation@yahoo.com,  enquiry@luminafoundationsoyinkaprize.com,  info@luminafoundationsoyinkaprize.com